Space by Guabello
The Fabric That Moves with You

Check out our new Space collection, performance, dynamism and creativity in their purest form.
Thanks to its 4 Way Natural Stretch feature, Space fabric is able to follow every movement of your body
No matter what your everyday challenge is, with Space, the perfect fit is assured


Thanks to a fundamental technological component and a product study, Space fabrics guarantee complete freedom of movement with respect for nature. Dynamism in its purest form, Space guarantees advanced natural stretch in four directions, achieving the highest level of flexibility both in the weft and the warp.


The Guabello R&D Department has identified the key characteristics of a stretch fabric. In an attentive comparative analysis, the key characteristics were assessed in Space natural bi-stretch fabrics, static fabrics, and fabrics with synthetic stretch.   From this analysis, as well as being much more sustainable, Space has +40% elastic features without using any synthetic yarn. 


Less water, pure merino wool, and minimal emissions. The selection of Space Fabrics by Guabello is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, sustainable by nature, for a circular ecosystem that respects our planet.